Photos from top to bottom: Lynda making a portrait head from photos. Gerda, Suzanne and Janie making sculptures,vases and decorated plates


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Atelier La Tour des Bidoux is the Art Studio of Jessie Mooy where you can learn all the techniques of hand building and sculpting with clay. We are situated in an ancient Archer’s Tower at Les Bidoux close to Riberac in the Dordogne. You can find a map of exactly where we are situated on the Contact page. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will be guided by Jessie. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the university if Pretoria as well as a teaching diploma. She also studied sculpture and hand building techniques at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan university. She has has been working as an artist and teacher for more than 35 years in these fields.  Her creations  have been collected internationally  and many of her works form part of the permanent collections of various Art Museums in South Africa. If you are interested in courses please fill in the contact form on this page

The following 3 courses are available as normal: 

Note: These are handbuiding courses where you learn to model or sculpt a variety of objects with clay according to your own personal level. These are then decorated and glazed by you and after that, bisque and glaze  fired in an electric kiln. No experience in sculpting clay is necessary. You will be taught all the basic handbuilding techniques. We speak English, Dutch and French.  Also scroll down this page to look at photos of student work and for the link to the Facebook page of Atelier La Tour des Bidoux

Courses in the Modelling of Clay. 

1.Weekly ceramics half day lessons From February till November 2019 on Tuesdays or Thursdays

Tuesday mornings from 9.30 to 12.30

We will handle a wide range of work from vessels to sculpture, depending on your personal level. Using clay and under glaze pigments you will investigate form, decoration, drawing. Through discussion and collaboration we try to arrive at new possibilities. You only need a willingness to have fun and experiment and embrace the deliberate awkwardness of finding yourself in unknown territory. All levels welcome and no experience needed.

These are ongoing classes. You can book four classes for a month or just one lesson. If you like these classes you can carry on the next month.You will be taught all hand building techniques in ceramic art. You will learn decorative techniques as well as glazing techniques. You will make a range of objects: bowls, platters, tiles, lanterns, sculptures, portraits according to your level. Anything you would like to make. No experience needed.  These classes are  140 Euro per month for 4 classes of 3 hours, all clay, under glaze pigments, slips, oxides glazes included as well as 2 firings for all your pieces. Book in advance as places are limited to 4 persons.  hours, all materials and firings included.

One 3 hour morning lesson will be 35 Euros. This includes clay, under glazes and 2 firings of your work . You have to at least contact me two weeks in advance if you are interested and pay a 50% deposit to secure your place. To contact me, please fill in the form under workshops on this page and state which course you want to enrol in.

2.Full day Workshops from 10.00 till 5.00 until November 2019

Next full day workshop 25th June 2019 . There are still 2 places available. Not more than 4 persons. Please fill in the form if you want to attend

Spend a creative day and get your hands dirty! This crash course in hand building and modelling will open up the wonderful world of ceramics for you. Tea and coffee with biscuits will be provided during the day.

Fees for 1 person E90. One on one tuition

Fees for 2 persons attending E55 pp

Fees for  3 or more persons E50 pp

Not more more than 4 or 5 persons per workshop.

Please take note that your work has to dry out and be glazed and fired so you can only collect it at a later stage

If the above date does not suit you, please give me your date. Bring a friend if you want

3. For people who want a holiday in the Dordogne combined with a ceramics workshop.

You can let me know on which days you want to come.

This workshop is for beginners or more advanced students. As a beginner you will be making several works and you will use different techniques in hand building and modelling. You will be making bowls, tiles, platters, sculptures etc . A combination of these or a bigger project that you have in mind and decorate these depending on your personal level. All tools, under glaze colours, glazes, firings etc included

The more advanced will be making sculptures or their own projects. You will be given help and advice by Jessie every step of the way.

To work and stay stay at Atelier La Tour des Bidoux costs 100 Euros per day. This includes bed, breakfast, lunch, tuition and all that is needed to make your ceramics including firings. If you need to have an evening meal, this can be arranged. If you want to come a couple of days as a couple, you are welcome and we can price each perso

n or small family according to their own needs if some are not interested in the classes.  Usually students take morning classes from 9,00 to 12.30 and explore the Dordogne in the afternoon after lunch, but you are also welcome to work a few days in the studio.  Note that you need a car as there is no public transport. If you are the only one in your family that wants to do the course it is not a problem and you will get one on one tuition and lots of guidance.

Please fill in the form on this page and let me know on which dates you want to come. You will have to book at least 4 or 5 days to work here. After that the firings will take about 2 days. That will give you time to explore the area. You could arrange your holiday to visit other destinations around here and pick up your fired work later or visit local sites and stay at Les Bidoux a bit longer/

Saskia Hofman at work on her ceramic sculpture at Les Bidoux.

Saskia Hofman from Holland at work on her ceramic sculpture at Les Bidoux.

la Tour des Bidoux in the distance
Atelier la Tour des Bidoux in the distance


                       Studio                    en suite bedroom in the house and dining room



Marianne and Nadia in May 2014

Marianne and Nadia from the Netherlands with their work


Some student work that was created here at the Atelier. Click on the images to enlarge




Sphia (5) and Mikey (7) learning to make a pinch pot 2017


Above Max Gardner (13) sculpting a mask of a lion.

Sophia making a decorative plate

Sophia making a decorative plate


Elisabeth making a teapot from slabs and coils

Elisabeth from Denmark. making a teapot from slabs and coils with Mette in the background making a coil pot.

Atelier La Tour des Bidoux. France

Sophie from the UK sculpting an owl candle holder and Below her brother Adam Gardner busy with his decorative plate modelled en relief

Adam Gardner 2016















To see more student work clck here:

Mask  mask by Jessie

Sarah Montagu

Sarah with her work after the weekly  course that she followed for 1 month.


students July 2016

Hev, Louise and Joe at their day workshop



Atelier La Tour des Bidoux side view
Atelier La Tour des Bidoux side view
Christine in 2017.

Christine with a sculpture she made


Les Bidoux,

24600 Riberac,

Tel: +33(0)553909138

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Or go to contact Jessie Mooy incl. email,  travel directions how to get to Atelier Les Bidoux.